Our Philosophy and Goals form the basis of the Program that we provide.  Throughout the daily routine, our staff strive to develop social, cognitive, language, creativity skills and physical competence in all children.

We work closely with Families to maximise the learning potential of each child. Our programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Play experiences
  • Quiet and Active Times
  • Individual, Small and Large Group activities
  • Teacher, Child and Parent initiated activities and experiences
  • Combined Rooms and whole of Centre special days and activities
  • On-going projects



Our Kindergarten Program has been approved under the State Government (Office of Early Childhood Education and Care) Kindergarten Funding Scheme.

We have a University Qualified Early Childhood Teacher who facilitates our Kindergarten program.

The Kindergarten program runs a term based curriculum parallel to the School year.  As Dixis is a long day care service there is the added benefit of your child being able to be cared for between Kindergarten terms.

Daily Routines and Programs

Daily routines and programs are displayed in each room, along with a brief summary of the day’s activities. This information assists parents in discussing details of their child’s day with them. Our programs are continually evaluated to gauge their effectiveness.

Because we are committed to continuous quality improvement, we ensure all aspects of our programs, activities and experiences, comply with and meet the requirements of the National Quality Framework that took effect on 1 January 2012.