At Dixi’s we recognise the importance of sustainable enviromental practices. Complying with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines our staff faciltate learning with children on ways to be ‘enviro friendly’:

  • By reducing our waste,
  • Conserving water,
  • Explore natural materials,
  • Caring for and maintaining our Worm Farm,
  • Have opportunities to grow plants from seeds,
  • Encourage children to be respectful to animals native and domestic,
  • Develop skills, knowledge, attitudes to take environmentally responsible actions.

“In every culture childhood is a special time. It is perhaps the most powerful period of our lives. Our experiences form the foundation of what we become, the core of our being- our ability to learn, our sense of ourselves in relation to the world of nature, or people, of things. It is a time for powerful experiences that fowever fule the scientist, the poet, the artist and the imagination within us.”  (Greenman 1988, pp. 30-31)

A recent environmental show:


Greenman, J. Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Children’s environments that Work. Exchange Press, USA 1988.