At Dixi’s we recognize the importance and value that members of our local community play in the lives of the children in our care. We advocate and actively encourage visits from local community members whether they are from swim schools, green grocers, service industries or fire, police, and ambulance services. Our curriculum the Early Years Learning Framework  recommends community involvement as a major contributing factor in the development and education of young children. Members of the local community are involved in children’s lives on a daily basis whether they are the mail man or woman, a shop assistant, a local store owner, playgroup coordinator and so on.

 At Dixi’s we are committed to:

  • Promoting an awareness of the need for the provision of high quality child care.
  • Remaining aware of, and responding to, the changing needs within our community.
  • Displaying sensitivity to the range of social and cultural backgrounds of the community we serve.

If you are engaged in a community position or know of somebody who is, we would love to hear from you.  One of our main goals  is to introduce the children to the people and occupations that make up our local community.

A few of our recent Community visits

Slide1 Slide2Fire and Rescue Visit

Useful Community Links:

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Parentline – 1300 30 1300 (8am -10pm 7 Days)

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